Rows Table

Designer: Patricia Urquiola

With linear forms and clear-cut symmetries, the Rows collection by Patricia Urquiola is geometrical and minimalist, expressing a refined artistic concept. Doors, side panels and table bases are both formal and decorative. The curved milled edge running the length of the surface is inspired by the nature morte of Amédée Ozenfant, a French writer and painter who founded the Purism movement. Urquiola also conveys the expressivity of form in the two rectangular tables. Both pieces show a strong contrast between the solidity of structure, the graphic effect of the surfaces and the linearity of the table top, available in wood, back-painted glass or marble.The Vertical table, designed with a nod to classical architecture, brings to mind the fluting of a column. The sculpture influence is even more evident in Diagonal, a table whose perpendicular geometry and oblique lines add more movement to the structure.

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