Filo Swivel Armchair

Designer: Francesco Rota

Swivel armchair. Seat structure, arm and backrest frames: gloss-varnished stainless steel AISI316 (reference colours: Mano Lucida wood sample collection). Seat provided with elastic belts. Base: round and swiveling, in aluminium, gloss-varnished in a colour matching the structure. Plastic spacers. Structural covering: fixed, made by hand in Twiggy yarn. Seat cushion: independent with removable cover, in polyester fiber with stress resistant polyurethane, fixed foam covering in waterproofed polyester. Loose cuwshion: acting as back cushion, independent and with removable cover, in polyester fiber, fixed covering in waterproofed polyester. Upholstery for all the cushions: removable and available in the fabrics Luz, Rope T, Brio, Thea, or Wara. Notes: The swiveling base is provided with a protation system on ball bearings hidden in the structure of the armchair. The Twiggy yarn used as fixed covering of arm and backrests is wound up by hand on the steel frame, so as to create a dense vertical weave. The covering can be made in a singlek colour or in several colours, with stripes arranged to form a multicoloured striped surface. Cushions used as backrests can be selected also among those upholstered with Maglia Rasata. This product can be used also in interior environments. We advise to use a Winter Set protection cover.

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