Designer: Merella Ferrera

Movable backdrop made of fabric. Materials: Coture is composed of fabric tesserae bound together with a string in Rope yarn. For the fixing to the ceiling, a specific structure is available made of white matt-varnished steel and provided with steel cables and extension regulators for the leveling of the composition. The standard structure is composed of linear elements that are joined to one another. Couture is always designed and produced in custom dimensions, meeting the specific requirements of the client. Characteristics: Couture is entirely made by hand. It is composed of thousands of round, square, and rectangular tesserae in different colour, texture, and dimension, which originate from a selection of indoor and outdoor fabrics in Paola Lenti collection. The tesserae are cut, superimposed, and joined to one another in both vertical and horizontal direction by a thin string in solid colour. Backdrops are different from one another; each one is unique and non-replicable. Only the general colour tone of the fabric tesserae can be chosen; white/gray, sand/brown, red/orange, yellow/green, light/dark blue. The selection of fabrics and their combination is reserved to the company which will produce Couture according to aesthetic criteria that guarantee each time the best ornamental yield. Dimensions: Couture backdrops are always produced in custom dimensions up to a maximum height of 300 cm. Applications: Composition of movable backdrops for interior environments, in residential as well as in public and commercial spaces.

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