Wind Low

Designer: Paola Lenti

Hand-tufted rug for exterior and interior environments. The texture consists of bouclé stitches executed with a one or two-colour Rope round braid, which is tufted to a synthetic backing to create loops at a height of cm 1.  The backing can be seen though the loops and is always black. Only one colour can be chosen. The technique used to produce Wind Low creates lines or areas in which the colour of the rug may appear lightly different. These effects, which are due to the loops' density, are in line with the hand-tufting technique and are the mark of craftsmanship, which makes each rug unique.  It is advised against the use of the Wind Low rug in areas with very high humidity and/or frequent heavy rain. Composition: round braids in Rope yarn, 100% polyolefin.

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