Oasi Diade

Designer: Francesco Rota

Series composed of single seatings and sectional elements. A single basic element takes on different configurations according to the presence or absence of the backrest and the type and quantity of armrests that complete it. Structure: varnished stainless steel provided with elastic belts. Plastic spacers. Backrests, armrests and closing panels: gloss-varnished aluminium in a colour matching the background of the visible panels in Diade. Visible covering of backrests, armrests and closing panels: Diade, white, green, or light blue base coupled with Tela fabric. Seat cushion: removable, in polyester fibre, stress-resistant expanded polyurethane, fixed foam covering in waterproof polyester. Back- and armrest cushion: removable, in polyester fibre, insert in stress-resistant expanded polyurethane, fixed foam covering in waterproof polyester. Cushions upholstery: available in the fabrics Rope T, Brio, or Thea. Note: Oasi armrests are available with three different inclinations. Tela is a fabric especially conceived for the production of Diade.  Tela designs Diade surfaces and creates a stunning textile appearance with unexpected melange effects which are never the same.  The irregularity of colour is due to the structure itself of Twiggy, the yarn used to produce Tela, and is the featuring characteristics of this production technique. Oasi compositions do not require any coupling system. We advise to use a Winter Set protection cover. Awards: Oasi series has been awarded the ARCHIPRODUCT DESIGN AWARDS 2018 and the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2020 in the Gardening and Outdoor Living category. Diade has been selected for the ADI Design Index 2019.

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