CH 322

Designer: Hans Wegner

The CH322 dining table, designed in 1960, is a successful result of Hans J. Wegner’s work combining wood and stainless steel. The CH322I insert leaf is sold separately. Hans J. Wegner’s CH322 dining table has a rectangular solid wood tabletop with a vertical edge and a stainless steel frame with removable legs. The dining table consists of two parts which can be pulled apart. The joint between the two halves of the top is almost invisible as it follows the natural wood grains. The frame has rounded legs with floor protectors on the bottom of the legs, and the legs fasten directly to the table plate at the top. Stabilizing the table construction are two flat steel rails. These are shaped, bent and assembled with each pair of legs in a trestle at each table end using distinct screws. The versatile CH322, with seating for six people, can be extended with up to four insert leaves, allowing for a total of 14 seats. The flexible design makes the table suitable for large gatherings, meetings and conferences. CH322 is, designwise, in the same family as the small round CH388 dining table.

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