Designer: Alessandra Dallagiovanna - Davide Groppi

Alessandra Dallagiovanna, 2019 Methacrilate - PA - PET LED pen and paper sheet with micro suction cups, repositionable at will Included 5 film with micro suction cups Wall lamp with dimmer     We have always believed that light is a story, narration. You can draw, write and imagine stories with it. Three parts only: a sheet of paper, a pen, a LED light. A symbolic gesture, somewhere between reality and imagination. The paper is special, provided with micro suction cups so that it can be fixed to a wall and moved at will, situated in such a way as to create waves and three-dimensional effects. An imaginary sheet on which to immortalise bright thoughts. The LED pen completes the idea, placed on the curve of the paper, creating guilloches of diffused light. Pagina breaks the fourth wall, ripples the surface, making live, vibrant shapes. It takes a sheet of light to tell a story.

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