MoodMoon White

Designer: Sebastian Hepting

MOODMOON White is a bright alternative to the coloured MOODMOON, emitting a pure white light with high colour rendering. The poetic light effect of the luminaire by Sebastian Hepting is created by the unique structure of the Japanese paper, which is penetrated by bright, warm white LEDs as a rear projection. The shape of MOODMOON White - round or square - is reduced and restrained so that the extraordinary paper unfolds its effect more effectively and allows reflection on the essentials. MOODMOON White can be mounted as a wall or ceiling luminaire. As it is only 5 cm high, it is particularly suitable for rooms with low ceilings to flood them with light. The irregular arrangement of the long fibres makes each sheet of paper unique. The Japanese paper in its deliberate imperfection underlines the high-quality manufactured character, as do the seams of the square umbrella, which are made in a Munich manufacture. Durability is an explicit concept that is reflected in the quality of the materials. MOODMOON by Sebastian Hepting thus sets a conscious accent against a throwaway society and fast consumer cycles.

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