BFF Sofa

Designer: Marcel Wanders

"BFF, a sofa that is your friend, that embraces you if you are tired, that cheers with you when your national soccer team scores a goal, that makes your mother-in-law feel welcome, that comforts you when you receive bad news, that stays with you also when you move cities, that never skips your birthdays, that never talks too loud, yet supports you if you do. A true Best Friend Forever." (Marcel Wanders).   Soft, yet a firm modular sofa system, the BFF Sofa is inspired by the capitone technique, loosely based on the chesterfield style, with its characteristic deep buttoned upholstery. The technique in the BFF Sofa is blown-up, so one fragment becomes a full module. The technique is synonymous with elegance and class, and with its modern approach the modular BFF Sofa is a timeless eyecatcher with 17 different modules, a footstool and a wide range of fabrics to choose from.    

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