Designer: Metrica by Bruno Fattorini, Robin Rizzini

Avalanche is the French word for avalanche. Seen in this way, the sofa designed by Metrica lives up to its name, because you are overwhelmed by comfort. Especially when you fold the backrest up and let yourself fall completely into the cushiony seat depth. What if you fold the backrest down again? The expansive cuddly sofa becomes an inviting sofa. Avalanche not only cuts a good figure as a cozy sofa. The backrest can also be folded up or down on the new, super-comfortable bed element.  Can it be a little bigger? Optionally, a shelf can be added to provide space for light, reading and delicacies - and everything you need to feel good. When folded up, it becomes a side headrest. And for those who can't have it big enough, the two-seater is available in four different widths. Elegant or generous? The simple folding mechanism gives the sofa two very different faces. The careful processing of the covers, which is possible with all available fabrics and leathers, does the rest to please the eye.

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