Taba Bench

Designer: Alfredo Habreli

Taba is a family of products designed for existential multi-functionality: live, sit, talk, work. The overlapping of different organic lines, together with a softness characterized by symmetric forms, forges the Taba philosophy. The designer affirms that “when you design sofas and seats, interaction with people must take pride of place. This is why I play with the precision of lines and the poetics of the organic language.” The inspiration for the collection comes from an old Argentinian rural game, played with a cow’s bone. The game of old time campesinos is one of skill, which must be played on soft and humid ground. Taba is a cattle bone onto which two metal plates are applied and which must be thrown with extreme dexterity, so that the winning side remains with the right side up. The Taba collection consists of eight pieces: a sofa, two armchairs, a bench and four ottomans. They all provide a vast range of possible uses both in public and private spaces.   “The game I was interested in developing with Taba is the entwinement of form and poetry. Of the linear with the elusive. I evoke the irrational, giving the collection the chance to experience a number of opportunities linked to everyday living. With a company like Moroso, cultivating inspiration from an idea which eschews general rules is something that comes easily to me.” A. Häberli

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