Mad Mirror

This tasteful and elegant Mad mirror will complement any room or area it is allowed to embrace. This product which was created by Italian furniture designer Monica Graffeo is minimalist in design and therefore leaves much of the creativity to the purchaser of this product. Because of its plain design, this product will integrate well in a variety of scenarios and atmospheres, therefore it will sit comfortably in any corner of the style spectrum.

This mirror can be used as the main focus or centre point of a room and would complement a decor that is visually enthralling. A wonderful juxtaposition could easily be created by incorporating this item into a room with a vibrant and colourful wallpaper and obscure furniture. Placing a number of these mirrors in the same room would add an element of style to obscurity and at the same time, make the room appear larger.

This product can be used much more reservedly too and its design will stay in parallel with a decor that is minimal and symmetrical. This item will suit the bedroom of an organised and tidy man but is also the perfect addition to the bedroom of a modest couple as well. Its aluminium frame is rectangular and is covered with a woven stainless steel finish. Its texture is both fun and valuable. This product can be stood up on the floor or hung from a wall.

Avaialble in Polished as well

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