Sushi Slated Outdoor Table

Designer: Bartoli Design

The Sushi outdoor table is an elegant piece that can be added to one’s garden to keep it looking stylish and attractive. Perfect as the main table for a garden and also able to serve a complementary role in a larger garden, this piece of furniture’s great visual looks are sure to work in any outdoor setting. The minimalist design ensures a classy style permeates, following on from the rest of the Sushi outdoor collection. The versatility of the design similarly enables it play a variety of functions in a whole host of social settings. Thus, by combining a sleek simplicity alongside a versatility that helps it find its place in any garden, the Sushi outdoor table is an excellent addition in a set of garden furniture. Alongside the table is a matching bench that enables users to further cement a particular style to their garden, and reinforce a specific look. As well as having the visual aspects, the product has also been configured as to ensure maximum practicality for use in the summer months through a number of features. The aluminium top is easy to clean and resistant to a whole variety of weather condition making it ideal for the outdoor climate, whether it be absolutely scorching or a more mild and temperate climate. Its slim dimensions also means that storage is relatively easy during the winter months, making this an easy to use, stylish and classy table suitable for a variety of situations. Top is now available in DEKTON® by Cosentino which is a mix of the latest building materials, used to create a top that is ultra- resistant to abrasion, UV rays, temperature variations and stains. All this can be found in a thickness of just 8 mm, which combines minimalist aesthetic appeal with extreme uses.

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