Ivy Battery

Designer: Lucie Koldova Studio

Ivy Table Battery by Lucie Koldova is the latest addition to the already substantial Ivy family, which is inspired by nature and its life-giving beauty. Just as a plant grows and climbs up the wall of a house, so too does Ivy branch out in different directions. The collection offers a special modular system for a highly innovative take on variable decorative lighting in vertical and horizontal compositions.  The new battery-powered table version is somewhat smaller than the original Ivy Table, which makes it easy to move from one place to another and create unique lighting experiences anywhere, anytime. Although it is not protected from direct contact with water, its portability and robust build quality make it suitable for use in outdoor settings.  Ivy Table Battery is touch operated and has three brightness settings for just the right amount of light at a given moment. The lithium battery pack powers the light for up to six hours, and charging is by means of induction or a USB connector. The collection comprises a metal frame and handblown glass shades in matte light rose, opal, or smoke grey.  Elegant and precise in execution right down to the smallest of details, Ivy is a high-tech lighting concept ideally suited to project and residential applications. The organic collection takes many forms and rightly holds a place among the so-called bespoke installations. The new Ivy Table Battery represents a graceful and flexible lighting object for restaurants and hotels, where it can be unrestrainedly combined in luminous landscapes that change in step with the space around them.

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