Nyhavn Bollard is a member of the Nyhavn family which contains the award winning Nyhavn wall. Nyhavn Wall won a 3rd prize in the Louis Poulsen competition for outdoor lighting. Prior to this competition, Alfred Homann had worked on some sketches and models; therefore he and his study mate Ole V. Kjær were able to prepare material for submission in only five days. This is how Alfred Homann explains the idea behind the wall fixture: “It was important that the size of the fixture was smaller and less importunate, than what was on the market at the time. For that reason familiar and classical shapes were chosen. The light coming from the fixture is characterized by the conical shade which directs the light downwards. The small rings between the ball-shaped top and the conical shade generate a guiding illumination. The rings are dimensioned so that they both in height and width; 1. Avoid making stripes of light on the vertical surfaces, 2. Enlighten each other and 3. They direct a small amount of light onto the topside of the conical shade. If the proportions or the placing of the light source is changed only a little bit, the whole idea falls apart!”

Concept: The fixture emits a symmetrical light distribution. The conical shade ensures comfortable light that is directed downwards in a wide beam. The inner side of the shade has a white matte painted surface, ensuring a soft uniform light. Light is redirected onto the top side of the shade by the conical shaped reflector inside the luminaire top, allowing the viewer to see the complete bollard when lit.

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