Louis Poulsen is loyal to the working relationship with Mads Odgård. Together, we launched the Icon fixture in 1999. With its innovative and durable design, this fixture has remained popular for over 15 years. It has gained wide acceptance from both architectural and functional perspectives and in all types of urban environments. Over the years, we employed new lighting technology into Icon to maintain it as one of the most energy-efficient post-top fixtures on the market. MO500 is built on the foundation of experience we have systematically accumulated with the Icon fixture. We maximized the performance of LEDs, coupled with a focus on reducing maintenance and servicing to an absolute minimum. The MO500 is a beautiful representative of our lighting philosophy. For example, the light fixture is available with both LED bi-symmetrical and adjustable asymmetrical light distribution. This makes it possible to deal with the technological challenges related to light distribution and to accommodate the desire for a visually uniform expression.

Concept: Light Concept: The fixture provides direct downward illumination. Depending on the choice of reflector, the downward lighting characteristics will vary. The reflector types have been designed in two variations to provide either a fixed type 2 (bi-symmetrical) or an asymmetrical distribution of light. The asymmetric reflector can be adjusted to have either fully T2 or T3 distributions or four intermediate positions between.

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