Icon is a visible street lighting fixture. Normally you can¹t see where the street light is coming from but when you get close you are suddenly daxxled by it. The first criteerion was to indicate quite clearly where the light comes from. The second criterion was that the light should correspond to the glow of the moon, because it is comfortable. Both criteria are met by Icon¹s shining surface. Even from a distance it reveals the the geometry of the fixture head and the downward nature of light. Due to the repetition of street lighting fixtures the design has been made as simple as possible.

Concept: The fixture provides mainly direct downward illumination. In the opal version the shade is lit up from within and creates a soft diffuse upwards light. In the basic version the shade is opaque. Depending on the choice of reflector, the downward lighting characteristics will vary. The reflector types have been designed in three variations to provide either asymmetrical or symmetrical distributions of light.

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