Albertslund Mini Post was designed by Jens Møller-Jensen in 1963 for a residential project in Albertslund, Denmark. His father was the architect for the construction project and Møller-Jensen heard through him that they had settled on a particular park post light. When Møller-Jensen heard the price they would have to pay for this post light, he said without hesitation: I can make a better fixture at lower cost! Within a week he had designed a 1:1 mock-up in his workshop which he showed to the parties involved in the project. All they needed was a manufacturer, and since Louis Poulsen was a few cents cheaper than its competitors, they received the order. The product design is based on an anti-glare ring, three bolts, a conical reflector and top shade, which services as the primary reflector.

Concept: The fixture emits symmetrical glare-free light directed downwards. The top shade helps direct the light downwards and prevent light from being emitted upwards. The white painted reflectors result in diffuse and comfortable light distribution.

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