Elegant and stylish – functional and safe.

The Spike Torch is a minimalist way to make a warm summer night even more romantic or to sit inside glazing out on a dark winter evening. With a unique crack­ling bonfire flame the torch can light up day and night, during all seasons.

“The movement of fire is very captivating and relaxing to watch. This inspired us to create a very strict minimalist design approach as a contrast to the lively and colourful flame,” says Bjarne Hansen.

Spike Torch is a part of MENU’s award-winning outdoor oil lamp series and adds a slim look to the Lighthouse success. In black aluminium the torch blends in as a natural and beautiful part of any garden or terrace.

Features a frost proof exterior, a unique signature crackling sound and a closed stainless steel contai­ner that prevents leakage of oil if the torch is somehow knocked over.

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