A touch of Viking.

When designing Pipe Candleholders Pernille Vea took great inspiration from the rough candleholders of the Viking age. Rough and simple candleholders made with a spike in one end and a holder in the other, mounted wherever light was needed, and knocked into walls, wooden poles in the barn or trees in the dark woods.

The Pipe candleholder is created with the same powerful convenience, but made of cast iron.

Knock the Pipes into the soil in your garden, the walls or floors of your wooden house or pick a special spot on your living room wall that needs a little extra.

It comes in 4 different variants: Pipe Hurricane for tea lights with a vertical or horizontal mounting and Pipe Candleholder for regular tall candles, also with either vertical or horizontal mounting.

Pipe Candleholders add a great contrast when used indoors. When suddenly appearing from walls or wooden floors they create a rough and rebellious atmosphere, while still adding the soft and soothing feel of burning candles. 

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