In recent years local produce and urban farming has gained a newfound attention and appreciation. This is an important tendency and understanding for a more a sustainable way of life. Design has a responsibility to not act as a short-term trend factor, but to simplify functionality and accessibility and provide for a long-term sustainable behavior.


In essence, a greenhouse retains heat from solar radiation and by keeping warm air enclosed, and furthermore it requires ventilation to maintain an appropriate temperature. Design of greenhouses has been strictly function-driven, but as the interest for individual solutions increase, there is a demand for a more aesthetical approach with user-experience in focus.

Therefore, the “Handmade Greenhouse” aims to restrain the technical aspects and accentuate simplicity in use with an analogue and playful form. The concept consists of a structure with trays in various heights allowing plant pots in different sizes to be placed freely. The conventional greenhouse glass is exchanged with a thin windproof textile which allows heat to be retained inside and can easily be slid-open to ventilate or access the plants. The greenhouse is an inspiration for people to get there hand into the soil and aspire to “handmade farming”.

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