Pleat Box Suspension

Designer: Rastad & Relling

The idea behind the Pleat Box is a sophisticated combination between a digitally designed crease in a piece of cloth and a silhouette that is applied to a ceramic base.

The outer part of the lamp is offered in white ceramic, brown, black, terracotta, and grey– the direct result of recycling different enamels. The interior is available in brilliant white enamel, which enhances the luminous light from the lamp, or 24k gold, which generates an extremely warm light.

The Pleat Box collection is now available with an integrated LED technology, which projects indirect light and prevents glare.

Dimension: 18.5" x 10.24" x 6.56 ft x 3.82" x 5.12" | 14.17" x 6.3" x 6.56 ft x 3.82" x 5.12" | 9.25" x 7.09" x 6.56 ft x 3.82" x 5.12" | 5.12" x 10.24" x 6.56 ft x 3.82" x 5.12"

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