Designer: Leo Gabin

For HENZEL STUDIO COLLABORATIONS, Leo Gabin produced a silkscreen of an image from an online source. Paint has been applied onto the artwork, which has been emphasized trough variable pile heights to create texture. Leo Gabin has worked as a trio since the early 2000’s using media such as video, painting, drawing and sculpture. They take inspiration from the proliferation of user-generated media on the internet and the until now undefined space straddling the public and private realms. Their work and methodology implicitly explores the transience and capriciousness that underpins youth culture and the multimedia savvy generation. Gabin captures images from their video mash ups, to silkscreen onto their paintings, and ultimately incorporate the acetate used to create the silkscreens in their collages and sculptures. This recyclical use of imagery and media draws on the very function of social media and the ownerless and shared content which it consists of. Leo Gabin push romantic notions of artistic inspiration aside and create works that use aggregated social media content to provoke the imagination. Thirsty Thursday Design: Leo Gabin Hand knotted rug, New Zealand Wool & Silk, 150 knot Select areas made with 3, 5 and 8 mm pile height Custom size upon request

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