Patcha Standard Blue

Designer: Patricia Urquiola

Patcha by Patricia Urquiola Why not talking about upcycling as a gesture? Patricia Urquiola reinterprets the change of mentality, of moving common habits and creative flows towards sustainability and circularity. Indeed, discarded wool is now re-used and dignified again to create a graphic and materic decoration. Also, the factual gesture of Urquiola’s design is the overlapping, the hand-crafted idea of putting together different patches in a playful collage. The core impression is a spontaneous effect, given by the match of different pieces, each with its own colour and thickness level. The result is a combination of woollen fragments that resemble jagged papers and colourful cardboards, assembled in an extemporized collage. The implemented dyeing technique creates random colours on the wool, emphasizing the concept of spontaneity and experimentation. The graphic lines of the rugs are made out of silk, obtained from Indian Sari vests. Borders of the rugs are irregular, giving the impression of an in-progress design. They are linked together creating a spontaneous shape.  

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