For HENZEL STUDIO COLLABORATIONS, Marilyn Minter re-appropriated her photograph Cracked Glass. Through use of variable pile heights, actual cracks have been created. The water drops are elevated and have been enhanced with silk adding a contrasting sheen. Photographer, painter, and video artist Marilyn Minter made an impact in the late 80’s with an unflinching series of paintings based on still images from hardcore pornography. Her body of work explores human desire and pleasure, and has evolved into a powerful vision of glamour and sexuality, degradation and triumph, dirt and luminescence. Although Minter’s work doesn’t intend to scandalize, it casually traverses a mixed realm of abjection, excess, and the visceral as a central aesthetic. Minter has a painterly sensibility and an anarchistic attitude, with a no-nonsense approach to often-delicate subject matters. Through extreme close-ups, her subjects are turned into detailed abstractions, refuting reality to suggest a different way of seeing. Minter juxtaposes photorealistic paintings with painterly photographs, honing in on the moment where clarity becomes abstraction and beauty meets the grotesque. From the 1990s onwards, she developed a hyperrealist style of painting based on her own photographic templates in which the worlds of glamour and fashion are quoted in a feverishly obtrusive manner. She has shown her photographs as billboards, created wallpaper, aired a commercial on late night television, and shot fashion editorials in which she subverts cultural ideals of beauty and sexuality. Cracked Glass Design: Marilyn Minter Hand knotted rug, New Zealand Wool & Silk, 150 knot Free-form, Select areas made with 3, 6 & 8 mm pile height Custom size upon request

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