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Ever see water burn? New Water Vapor Fireplaces by SAFRETTI.

News 2017-11-23

Hello design buffs,

Introducing a new water vapor fireplace by SAFRETTI. Innovative use of water and light to create a realistic "flame". 

Understandably the regulations concerning fire and fire-places have been tightened during the last few years in both rural and urban settings. In response Safretti has introduced a beautiful and innovative solution. 

There is no real fire and therefore no fire risk. Due to the vapor released, the humidity in the room increases which has a positive effect on the internal environment.  

The captivating fire effect is created by illuminating extremely fine water mist. The burners are equipped with water reservoirs where the water is heated. The water then evaporates and by illuminating the mist you will get a truly realistic and lively smoke / flame effect.

Two options are available; as an insert with black metal housing or a reservoir that can be inserted into any number of surfaces. 


- Very realistic flames with no fire risk
- Runs on water
- Childproof
- No chimney required
- Creates a healthy indoor climate
- Plug and play
- Endless fire by modular system
- Adjustable flames
- Including remote control
- CE-approved

As always please contact us for full collection details or any questions you might have. We look forward to hearing from you! 

- Josh